Boat Launch



Daily Pass:              $   5.00

Annual Pass:          $ 30.00


Discover passes or other facility launch passes are not valid.


12.20.150 - Boat launching fee.

Except for campers who have registered and paid the proper camp fee, it shall be unlawful for any person to launch a boat or other water vessel at the Coulee City Campground without depositing the established fee and clearly displaying either the Daily Boat Launch receipt OR Annual Boat Launch Pass in the vehicles windshield.  An Annual Boat Launch Pass good for the calendar year may be purchased in the park for the established rate and redeemed at City Hall while still legible.  Any person found to be in violation of this section shall be given the choice of purchasing a daily or annual pass, or paying a civil penalty.  


12.20.140 - Use of boat docks.

The docks on the Coulee City Campground side are for temporary transit moorage.  “Temporary transit moorage” is defined as tying up while getting a meal, picking up passengers, refueling the boat, or waiting out a windstorm.  Exceptions can be made for emergencies, but it is the boat operator’s responsibility to contact park or city officials.  The Coulee City Campground nor the Town of Coulee City is liable for theft or damage from use.



- Press “A” for “Additional Options”

- Select either “Daily Launch Pass”

                   or “Annual Launch Pass”

- Take printed ticket (this is your pass)

Pass must be clearly displayed in vehicle

Annual Launch Pass is valid until December 31st of the year purchased.  Due to fading, it must be redeemed while still legible for the current year pass at City Hall. 


If you would like to redeem your legible Annual Boat Launch Pass purchased at the Kiosk:

  • You may mail OR use the drop in the door
  • It must include:

       Kiosk pass (blue & white pass issued at purchase),

       Mailing address for us to send the pass (printed windshield pass)

**We will not be using the drop slot in the door to pass documents between parties.**

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!


Pursuant to Section 12.20.180 of the Coulee City Code, failure to pay fees can result in the issuance of a citation for not less than $110.00 for each offense and ejection from the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moorage/ Marina Facilities

The Moorage/ Marina facilities down at the Park are handled by the Port District.  The Town has no information about its operations.  Please contact the Port District for questions.